Mothers Day

Mothers Day and all this jazz

About this mothers day: I intend to get rid of all of this, mothers day, brothers day, fathers day. uncles day, Christmas and others, and what not.

These are merely commercialized opportunities for businesses to make a big bug. Example: the presents. Consumers are almost forced to buy something, lest it makes them look like (non-players). And likewise in restaurants all food, lunches, dinners for such a day become much more expensive.

The worst, yet, is big companies like amazon where stuff is ordered (for mothers) online. Including now also food products. Amazon company, as big as they are, are not worth much in the light of human rights records. Also, I would never (online) order any food items. I received something for that day which was unacceptable. Ended straight in the dumpster.

Several years ago my son had also ordered for me 2 Moroccan lamps, glass. When opening that package, I almost cut up my hands, the glass was broken.

As I said, Thanks, but no thanks to that. Flowers are always appreciated, but not for special occasions.

I have become strictly against this kind of commercialized exploitation.