Vacation rentals – made difficult

I like to spend the winters in a warmer climate. Winter meaning from November until and including the end of April. This would be six months out of country. For the past (almost fifty years) I try to find some vacation rental using the Internet – for one person. Not for one dozen people, or like most of them “sleeps 12 or 14”, or at least “sleeps 4”. What do I do with some strangers sleeping in the same room with me if I like to actually travel alone by myself ?
Mostly I try to find something like a “studio for one person” – which in itself implies something small. What do I get instead ? “sleeps 5-6, or more”. Silly !
If, however, you Google “vacation rental wanted for one single person”.
You guessed it ! You get “singles, mingles, bimbo stuff”.  Stereotype BS !

I know, I can also go via other web sites which offer exclusively vacation rentals for single persons. But again, the connotation is not “like to rent a small little apartment or studio, for myself”. No, the connotation again gives me the other kind of people that I try to avoid. Mostly I ended up finding something – expensive, but it is difficult. Why ? Because the entire commercial business end of the Internet is stereotyped.