Protests, Demonstrations

Demonstrations, shouts for ‘Freedom’, attacks on governments, “we are FOR, to be AGAINST”, (‘Wir sind dafür, dass wir dagegen sind!’). In other words, there has been too much of this in the last little while. Is it because of increasing stress caused by this corona virus and COVID ? is it because people have more time now on their hands, is it because the whole world has started to shout for (freedom) or something or other, or is it because all of us simply have enough of inflationary spirals going out of hand, prices going thru the roof, not enough to do to keep us busy ? Or is it because the rules for normal behavior have loosened to such extent, that yelling, screaming, shouting and hypertension has become the norm ?

Frankly, my motto has always been: “The right for demonstrations and complaints against the government should be reserved primarily for those who are actually paying taxes to those governments (even if hey have not voted for the party in power). Freedom, or no freedom.

And is is not typical that those who shout loudest are also those who do not pay taxes at all ? [Example: Who shouts the loudest and has always the most complaints against their government and everything ? certain segments of the population – in this case, a country in Europe – who never have to pay income taxes for their pensions. Here in Canada we pay tax for every penny of income.]

Freedom Convoy – early this Spring. [ ] . And who will ultimately pay for recovering the damage control expenses for this ? Taxpayers.

Different scenario: Attack on the US Capitol, January 6, 2020

[ ]. Check out those types ? Do they strike you as ordinary citizens and law-abiding taxpayers ?

Protests which are acceptable are those that try to fight for justice in the name of the environment, unjustly behavior against women and children, or protection against any type of aggression. [ ]