Neil Young Honor the Treaty Tour Canada

Neil Young tour across Canada HONOR THE TREATY.

[ ] Neil Young’s week-long Canadian mini-tour to honor the (First Nations’) treaties and assist the Athabasca Chippewyan First Nation in northern Alberta, closest to the Alberta oil sands sites, Ft. McMurray, in their quest to preserve the natural environment. Mr. Neil Young is a prominent Canadian musician and song writer and environmental activist.

The original treaties between Canada’s First Nations were made between each First Nation and The Crown (which is in this case not some device or artifact, but in fact refers to the Queen of England). [ ]

And as history has taught us – or in that case has taught the Aboriginal Peoples/First Nations in Canada is, that treaties are made to be broken.

On my Face Book page:

Dear Mr. Young,
to get anything done in Canada I guess you must address the Queen of England, who is the Head of State of Canada. Doubtful if her Majesty can be bothered with the First Nations of Canada or the effects of the ever expanding Oil Sands in Alberta.


Cyber Warfare – the new Wild West

[ ] Although “cyber war & attack” initially referred to politically motivated espionage, computer sabotage and deliberate disinformation, stealing of virtual data and identities, and/or political propaganda, the world is ready for the actual CYBER WARFARE using Drones, small pilot-less air planes, remote-controlled and used for spying and overhead information gathering in enemy territories. [ ]

The new military robots (drones) carry arms to kill. From the air, as they have always done during the last great world wars (but pilot sits in). From the air, enemy unseen, target in sight, push a button, open the hatches.

Dressed to kill, the new editions of the drone robots are intended to kill the enemy. Here, the ‘pilot’ just sits in a comfortable chair in a (maybe air-conditioned) room to push the button. No more Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to worry about as result of civilian killings, humans on the ground. No more need to be specific about what is an enemy and what is not.

Interesting concepts: Cyber Criminality coming our way on the internet, daily, hourly, by minute and second – every second. Espionage coming our way by the Western spy organisms and agencies, rifling through our e-mails and more. And now the drones.

In the Old Wild West – it was simply gun fights, shoot first, ask questions later. That was easy, that was fun. Gun fighters were the heroes. With unknown controllers sitting at monitors controlling drones in some unknown location, who are the heroes ? They cannot pretend anymore to be “war veterans” with all the privileges. The glory days of the old wild west are over.

Rise of Popularity for Totalitarian Propaganda

Shifting society values towards violence, escalating violence,the disturbing rise of sympathies towards totalitarian regimes, revival of history’s dictators. Today’s ‘Shocking stat of the week’ on the Corus radio network, CFAX 1070 Radio Saturday mornings’ radio show, hosted by Michael Campbell [ ] : The rising popularity of Adolf Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF. [ ].

This is disturbing, not only for its perceived ‘propaganda value’, but also for the fact that there seem to be enough readers around to actually seriously listen to this stuff and may get influenced by it. I suspect that those are readers who have never experienced a major war themselves. Since I myself ‘have been there, done it’, and my family suffered the consequences of persecution by the Gestapo during WWII, I can safely say that I will never be influenced by any of those writings.

Yet, funny thing is, that about 12 years ago I purchased this same book at a Calgary, Alberta main bookstore. Translated into English. (Not sure how much has been lost in translation.) Shortly after, this book disappeared off the shelves. The reason for buying this book was, to do research into “what makes the minds of mass murdering dictators tick”. And also, “how could a war like WWII have started”, by that miserable nobody Austrian-born Adolf Schicklgruber alias Hitler).

[One book also in my library is J.W. Stalin’s : Über die Grundlagen des Leninismus”, translated 1972 into German by a Chinese publishing house. Joseph Stalin (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) , who according to history is responsible for the killing of some 20 million Russians, including many thousands of Americans (who had left during the great depression era around 1930’s emigrating to the USSR and got lost and were forsaken in the distant Siberian Gulags.]

In reality I have never even got around to looking at one page inside MEIN KAMPF. Stuff like this can only be used as a reference for collecting information.

I always say: “Anybody who survived a major war like we did and was right in the middle of it, could only find disgust in such propaganda materials by insecure and moronic control freaks, and in any movement that could revive totalitarian dictator regimes.” Too bad, too many want to control others.

Qualifications for Trades

Listening to the morning show on our local radio station. Today’s topic: Schooling, education and training for a trade. And the lack of adequate formal training in high school and other continuing education facilities. Then comes a question period, listeners phoning in. What really gets me is the discussion around the topic of apprenticeships and whether or not a 70-year old man (who allegedly had worked in some trade such as carpentry) should still go on the road and do such work. Whereby the radio moderator said: YES. While I say: NO, NO, NO. Unless that guy has his own professional tools, and really knows what he is doing.

My experience in construction has been extensive for the past 35 years. I have myself done most of my own work (for myself, not for gain), be it roofing, siding, flooring, dry walling, framing, carpentry and finishing carpentry, painting, plumbing and electrical (easy stuff). Also working in the bush cutting trees, and grading roads (using my own tractors and my own professional tools).  One of the reasons for being forced to learn all of this and do it myself was, because I lived far out in the country and could not get anybody to come do some contracts for me.

Now in the city I have had multiple occasions for hiring somebody do some work for me. When it comes to the old (retired, or war veteran) types, mostly they show up without any tools, want to use my own professional tools, and do a lousy job. And in addition, they expect cash money (in the absence of any regular business or registered tax number), which means for me, if the job is not done right, I have no recourse.

[As we always say: “he cut 3 times and it is still too short; “or, ever heard of a level and measuring tape ?”]. Apprenticeships for young guys is a good thing, if they seriously work with a licensed and responsible plumber or electrician. They should be given all the chances they can get. And if I pay a guy to do a job for me, I expect this job to be such, that I do not have to fix it after he/she left.