Nepal Earthquake Disaster

Reaction to yet another natural disaster, – the Nepal earthquakes still continuing – and not surprisingly like a flash of lightning hundreds of relief websites springing up and asking for donations.
Careful is the least one can say. Mostly individuals or corporations who try to enrich themselves by posting disaster images on the Internet. Read what legit groups are telling you. [ ]. It is encouraging to see how many countries have already responded by sending professionals to the sites of those quakes to help. And all those groups who are actually helping are not doing it via the Internet.
Therefore, watch out. Do not be gullable. Go through legitimate charities and even those should be checked out carefully.


Wire-tapping the Internet

“Was ich nicht weiss, macht mich nicht heiss”. Meaning: Put your head in the sand and live happily ever after. Or, wake up and smell the roses. Face Book which had started in 2004 [ ] as a means to foster social networking among college grads, now turning into the Face Book Combine. The definition of combine not only implies policing and control over citizens, but also AI and robotic means for subjecting citizens to its will.
There is a variety of issues at stake, but all in all over the past years the idea of Face Book as a solely social venue is disappearing. How else to explain the many users who turn away from it, and the many users with sinister motives turning toward it. Propagating their militant views using Face Book and Twitter to also recruit the like-minded.
What else is crawling around those social networks ? Spy organisations making use of FB user data, such as the NSA [ PRISM spy program
NSA National Security Agency ],
[ ], [ ].
I personally would not post anything on FB anymore that has any personal or private value. Too dangerous. Notwithstanding the fact, that FB in the meantime has shut down most of my functions, because of exposure to the truth.

Combat Addictions

Under discussion are plans by the local municipalities to set up Drug Consumption Sites in our cities. One example serving as role model is a site in Vancouver, called Insight [ ].  These types of facilities are intended to not only supervise safe drug injection and sharing, but also to assist in a variety of other services to drug addicts and mostly also homeless people. All this based on a platform of compassion and providing services paid by governments. How much of those services and facilities actually accomplish to combat drug addictions and release those addicted to the outside world as being healed from their addictions, is unclear.
An interesting notion from the 1960s: A heavy smoker who also was an alcoholic then had been considered as a sick person, at times incarcerated in a mental facility. Given an excessive number of cigarettes to smoke daily so as to make an addict sick, in order to give up smoking. Alcoholics were given sessions between psychiatrists and with their nearest relatives in which the origins of that disease were supposed to surface. However, on the whole all of those addictions stem from weakness. Let’s assume you put those addicts to work on something meaningful, not even hard labour, make them forget their addiction. And instead focus on whatever they are doing. Compassion does not always accomplish reduction in drug addiction. [ ]