Canada Seal Hunt

Very disturbing issue – [ ]  Seal hunt on Canada’s East Coast starting November 15 and ending May 15. My first thought about this: “cut up my Canadian passport and ship it back to Ottawa.” (Thanks, but no thanks for it.). On second thought: “who on Earth is using those baby seal furs ?”

Who is importing this kind of product ? As always, it is a question of Demand and Supply. If there were no countries using those seal pelts, (and mind you, some of the meat is also exported), there would not be any seal hunts (this including the hunts that are also conducted in Norway, Iceland, Greenland and other northern countries. But foremost Newfoundland, Canada. [ ] It is clear from having lived in Canada for almost 40 years, that nobody here can dare to walk around in any fur coat, without getting pelted or spray painted. On third thought: “of all those wildlife organizations and environmental charities that I regularly contribute to as a donor, why cannot they intervene in such butchery ? Their voices are silent ? Because of governments who regulate hunts and hunting ? Since Canada is still largely under the umbrella of the Queen of England, why cannot the Royals intervene in such issues ?

Who are the importers or users of seal products, who imports them ? There are now many countries who have prohibited the import of harp seal furs, example: [ ] . So, what are the markets ? Although China is a large market for “exporting” fur products of all kinds of animals [ ]  ( [Canada’s biggest market for seal pelts is Norway.[53] Carino Limited is one of Newfoundland’s largest seal pelt producers. Carino (CAnada–RIeber–NOrway) is marketing its seal pelts mainly through its parent company, GC Rieber Skinn, Bergen, Norway.[54] Canada sold pelts to eleven countries in 2004. The next largest were Germany, Greenland, and China/Hong Kong. Other importers were Finland, Denmark, France, Greece, South Korea, and Russia.[38] Asia remains the principal market for seal meat exports.[41] (from Wikipedia). ]

Canadian seal product exports reached C$18 million in 2006. Of this, C$5.4 million went to the EU.[56] In 2009, the European Union banned all seal imports, shrinking the market.[57] Where pelts once sold for more than $100, they now fetch $8 to $15 each.[49]

Things are changing with many bans in many countries. Still the question remains: “who still wears those furs ?” and “in which countries are seal pelts and fur coats made of baby seals (white) still being imported ?”

!!! More bans are needed, and not just during the hunting season !!!


Easy Mortgage Money

Nothing easier than that. Most big Banks are running after you and literally glue themselves to your behind in order to shove a mortgage (or loan) down your gully. Why ? You don’t even have to be a psychologist to understand the common human psyche. Greed, greed, greed. Most people want to have what the neighbor has, and they want to have more of everything. For that, one needs money. Although there are now a larger number of millionaires walking the streets, the basic assumption still applies: “Most consumers do not have enough money for what they want.” Even if some guy had a million, how on earth can anybody expect that poor little bitch to actually live on a lousy million ? No, no. He wants two million, at least. That is where the Banks come in. Please, Mister (being already deep in debt) take out a loan or a mortgage, we offer fab rates – today’s special – like under 3% variable, not bad. At the same time the Banks do not give a rat’s ass if a person can actually pay a loan. They know, sooner or later payments are due and the borrower is up to their eye balls in debt. Cannot pay. Take out another loan to cover the first loan. Why not ? Or loose whatever you bought for that loan. Goes back to the Banks. Debt, debt, debt. Nobody seems to care, because life is short and borrowers want to live to the fullest – WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Man, am I glad. I am the richest person in the world. I don’t have debts. Even if Mr. Google – when opening my Gmail – offers me dozens of different mortgages (as ‘side ads’), based on my e-mail (sent or received) which some of them may be from somebody I talk to about “what my plans are” blah, blah, blah – about HEH ! I may be interested in some mortgage. There you have it: Not interested in what the Banks want to shove down MY gully !

Orca in captivity

Blackfish” is the English translation of a word Pacific Northwest indigenous peoples gave to killer whales or Orca, holding them in respectful regard while keeping a traditional safe distance. [ ]

Myths: (1) Orca or Killer Whales are fish. NO. (2) Orca are aggressive enough to attack humans. NO. The only attacks on humans, some fatal, occurred by Orca’s in captivity. This, one has to understand. (3) The large back fin of the Orca always flaps over. NO. Only in Orca’s in captivity. (4) The Orca has one of the largest brains within the animal world. YES.

I was privileged enough to meet these wonderful creatures in 1978 when I and my little son visited Victoria, BC in Canada NW Coast, when the Marine Park SEALAND OF THE PACIFIC – Oak Bay Marina – was still in operation.

One of the major attractions has been Tilikum, a big beautiful bull whale. All whales, it should be remembered, were kept in captivity in small metal cages. They were also at that time thrown together independent of their ‘family’ or pod relationship, a dangerous concept because of frequent infighting among the animals.

Tilikum (“Tilly”) had been involved in several deadly attacks on humans. While at Sealand of the Pacific, he with two other orca’s submerged the trainer Keltie Byrne who subsequently drowned. That tells you: “do not play with 12000 lbs of killer whale assuming that they are only song birds.” These whales were frustrated with their captivity, their stressful lifestyle (kept at night in 20×30 metal pens), and the unnatural acts they were asked to perform for the public’s enjoyment. [ ]

SEALAND closed down 1993. (This facility like similar others for large marine animals had a dark history of acquiring their whales: separating them with boats from their pods and chasing them into inescapable waters, to then trap them and move them into the facility.)

It is heart breaking to see how many marine parks exist on the basis of such abuse to an extremely intelligent mammal.

Where is Tilikum now ? SEAWORLD Orlando, Florida. His life ?

He lives in isolation, deeply unhappy, an intelligent animal that craves companionship and a whale family to share. The only thing it seems he shares is his semen that is collected and frozen for breeding purposes. More shocking news in a new book with interviews by former trainers= Toolbar .

War Criminals

[Children will loose their innocence solely through indoctrination by their parents with racist propaganda.]  WAR CRIMINALS have an uncanny ability to blend in anywhere and everywhere, even into groups and organizations which give the impression to dedicate their activities to the celebration of unsung heroes of the great world wars – namely the Royal Canadian Legion. At this point it would be useful to define the nature of war criminals: In general they are groups or individuals who during war times enjoyed killing civilians. And, there are those who either themselves were active members of a criminal wartime organization such as the SS (exterminating civilians in well-organized camps) or are the descendents of those actively involved in extermination camps. What makes them blend in ? Various reasons: they accomplish the blending in by living side by side with the population in their newly adopted country (with the pretext of assimilation); or, they really believe in the mantra: “my father only followed orders”. Doesn’t that make you sick to listen to this ? While believing that their SS fathers only followed orders, at the same time they taught their own children (and are teaching their grand children) to become racists. I always say (and I was only a very small child when the war ended): ”there is no such thing as ‘following orders’”. This excuse is reserved for the worst kind of criminals.

I would say today there are large numbers of them in Canada, USA, Central and of course South America. The “turn coats” they are also referred to. Quickly, at the end of war they changed their shirts or coats. To blend into the masses.  These are the ones that were responsible that the rest of the population (women and children) had to suffer and were killed as “by product of war”. Yet, here they are, happily ever after, enjoying themselves – both victors and clandestine war criminals – at the annual Remembrance Day celebrations of the Legions. One is inclined to think they celebrate because they either enjoyed the war, enjoy the fact of safely blending in (Oh, nobody really knows what the old man did during the war), or they enjoyed the killing of unarmed civilians and miss it (being old and decrepit now), or they actually believe they did a good deed, poor thing. Rule Britannia !