Mobile Phone Data Security Risks

[Data from IBM shows that users are three times more likely to fall victim to a phishing attack on a mobile device than they are on a desktop, and new phishing pages are being created every 20 seconds.]

Why ? because mobile devices are being portable. It is much easier to constantly install new updates on a PC, which BTW is done more and more frequently because of constantly evolving and more sophisticated cyber attacks. With a fairly good defender system installed, and better data encryption, sensitive data such as online banking should not pose a problem. I have done this since start of the Internet and never a problem. But I would never even dream of using my smartphone to do any banking. Or walking around in the street – holding up traffic – to be glued to a phone, doing what ?

And why are more users using mobile devices ? Because these devices are portable and they can in addition to legit phone calls spend time playing games even while on company time.

[ ]

Want to get wired for hackers ? Look no further than your mobile phone which is used for Internet access, sharing data, sharing files, and opening up to – not only pro hackers – I might say the rest of the entire Internet world. Spyware apps aren’t the only way that someone can spy on your phone activity. ISPs, governments, WiFi administrators, search engines, website owners, and hackers all have the capacity to spy on certain aspects of what you do on your phone.

In my opinion: Sensitive data like banking data do not belong on a smartphone being operated while actually walking in the street. Anybody anywhere can pick this up. Why do you think there are so many software firms small or large, old ( having been around since mainframes) or just up and coming, which (so-called) specialize in selling software security packages for mobile devices.

[ ].  Even with “data scrambling”, there is no such thing as complete security to protect sensitive data on mobile devices and phones. 

[ ]. HAPPY TiKToKKING & WhatsApping !



Most lucrative business especially before and around the Christmas Season, and it has become the most popular for the very reason that it has now become easy to quickly set up a website, some money-collecting mechanism, and the online money collecting business in the name of donation is running. “In the name of donation” – that’s the point.

It seems advisable, if it is simply for a business to reduce their taxes before year-end, as charitable donations are tax deductible.

But these tax deductions must be substantial, else there is no point. For regular donations, let’s say on a monthly basis, it is not worthwhile to even consider to enter those amounts in you tax return, as the end result – any tax deduction – is negligible.

What bothers me are not the daily, all day long, requests for donations for any cause, but the lack of accountability and transparency of those entities that have sprung to life before Christmas, enriching their coffers (who knows, for their own profit), without accounting of where this money goes, into whose bank account, how much is spent on administration, and where donated funds are going to end up. Presumably for a good cause.

For businesses who can lower their tax burden at year end it is totally legit to give to a reputable charity. Provided sufficient transparency by those collecting the funds publicly given, in order to know that those moneys go to the actual cause they were intended for.

Looking at one example: .

Just heard on the local radio that less and less people are motivated to give anything to anybody. Why ? because most organizations or website owners asking for DONATIONS do not account for it, and therefore are automatically mistrusted.

Transparency about distribution of funds also means to give collected donations to the right cause and those who really need it.

[I am sure I receive numbers of emails after this post, asking me to “push the hot button on some website”, for DONATIONS, DONATIONS.]

DEMENTIA, ALZHEIMER’S – some thoughts

Only found in older people ? Not so. [ ].

Recently, on the radio a woman commented on just such a topic. Stereotyping this condition as “most older people are or will be suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”. What is the cause of DEMENTIA ? [ ]. One can safely say that both diseases may be interconnected, mostly leading to memory loss.

How is it, that more young people are committing crimes, killings, mass shootings, rapes ? Dementia ? Otherwise, younger people who commit most crimes, would not do it over and over again, knowing they end up in jail.  How many older and very old people have an excellent memory ? Definitely more than younger people. What else may cause Dementia ? [ ] There are many causes for dementia, not all linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

To make this short: USE IT, OR LOOSE IT ! The same way as exercising your body (muscles, balance, any mental or physical activity), one should also exercise the brain. After all, it’s the engine that controls everything. [ ]

That’s precisely what I am doing, my memory having always been exceptional, not needing books to look up dozens of Internet accounts, passwords, bank account and telephone numbers – it’s all in my head. Guess what: I am 85 years old. In addition, lifelong learning (preferably not from certain Internet posts) should help reduce the risk of any onset of dementia in old age. Food for thought – COVID-19 and Alzheimer;s:  [ ]


Nature Conservancy Canada – legacy

NATURE – the most worthwhile cause for preservation and conservation, a healer, a life saver.

Leaving your estate to a good cause is the most rewarding action one can take, even if there is family to consider. Since seven years ago, when making my will, deciding to leave my estate to various charities (among others the major part of it to the Nature Conservancy of Canada, NCC), I feel good about myself and my decision.

And since surrounding myself with nature (here in Victoria, BC, we have a lot of nature), I feel better, and lead a better life. Visiting our parks, and surrounding myself with my own gardens at home here.

Talking about parks: In all my travels and residing or working abroad – from Scandinavia to North Africa, Russia, North America to Mexico and all countries in Europe – I have not come across such a beautiful park as right here, ten minutes from where I live (Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC).

[Note. Parks are the most worthwhile attempt to recreate nature, while natural habitats are more than than, they are giving back to nature.]

[This post is not about all those travels and visits of nature areas, else I could fill a book with it. It is only to remind others what a good idea and feeling it is to leave behind for NATURE CONSERVATION. Protect nature from development, being run over by humanity and high risers, and above all help restore natural areas, thereby giving back to wildlife. What they deserve.]

YET, it is wonderful to witness how many efforts are made worldwide to do just that.

Canada, the second largest country (after Russia), with almost 3.85 million sq.miles. How many wild places do we still have ? Only about 23 per cent of Canada’s land habitats are still wild, and the oceans are even worse off – with only 13 per cent untouched by humans. That makes for about seven million square kilometres of wild land and another two million square kilometres of untouched ocean.Nov 1, 2018.

[ .

And who can be held responsible for large-scale destruction and exploitation of the last wild places ? Mostly Governments. Who are afraid to make the right decisions and pass the right laws, because of fear not being re-elected.

[ ]

My photos CLICK HERE: [ ]



[Not to confuse with discriminatory language.]

Language discrimination occurs when a person is treated differently because of her native language or other characteristics of her language skills. For example, an employee may be experiencing language discrimination if the workplace has a “speak-English-only” policy but her primary language is one other than English. Why English ? English is now the dominant or official language in 75 territories: a direct legacy of the British Empire. In countries where large settler colonies were formed, such as Australia, Canada and the USA, native languages and cultures have been pushed to near-extinction by the presence of English.Mar 6, 2014.  Is this one of the reasons because most English-born citizens are incapable learning other languages ?

LANGUAGE skills – good for your brain

It has been known for centuries, “languages expand your brain”. [Or, as we say: “speaking more than one language expands one’s horizon”.] New studies (University York at Toronto, Canada) have shown and proven that those who are at least bilingual in old age will show their first symptoms of Alzheimer and Dementia (if at all ) later than those with one single language (like English).

[ ]

Openly accusing public transport users of “NOT speaking English” (while they talk in another language) has now become unacceptable and may be reported to the Police. British Columbia, Canada, has since years introduced many laws dealing with any type of discrimination

Personally, – as I myself speak 5 languages and enjoy traveling, meeting other nationals, reading in other languages – thereby “expanding my horizon” -, I probably would have responded differently, knowing that the person accusing me of NOT speaking English most probably has some sort of limited brain capacity. One could have said: “I am sorry to hear that you only speak English.” In fact, it would be best, not to react at all, as those people most of the time are trying to instigate a fight or some physical confrontation, once others (accused of NOT speaking English) respond, no matter what. Unfortunately, a public transit system is always a dangerous place, as whoever is being aggressively confronted can often not simply leave.

I cannot imagine anybody who has not been aggressively affronted anywhere – in the street, in a grocery store, on a bus – as a result of some sort of discrimination.

Well I survived, most of my life traveling, living, working and studying in other countries, we will survive British imperialistic colonial systems and [SPEAK ONLY ENGLISH HERE] as well.

[ ]

2022 Heat Wave strikes again

July 2022. Another heat wave. Recall last year 2021, when hundreds of older residents here on Vancouver Island died, caused by this heat.

How can one get a heat stroke ? That’s a good one. Normally that shouldn’t be happening. If the right precautions are followed.

Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related illness. It occurs when the body can no longer control its temperature: the body’s temperature rises rapidly, the sweating mechanism fails, and the body is unable to cool down. When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106°F (41C) or higher within 10 to 15 minutes.

[Difference: Stroke – Heat stroke: Heat stroke is when your body overheats and core body temperature rises. Stroke is when a blood vessel to the brain bursts or is blocked by a clot. ]. Of course, both can occur with heart patients who already suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Prevention, prevention, prevention. When it is hot, no wind, temperature above 40C for days, or even weeks, then PREVENTION is the answer for SURVIVAL.

The minimum one can do is to keep the body temperature in check, cool down – not only with drinking water from the inside, but also cool the body down from the outside.

What I do is, always wear a cotton scarf around my neck, soaked in cold water. Repeat every hour on the hour or when needed, more. If the body temperature rises even more, soak a cotton T-shirt in cold water, and wear it. You can’t believe how quickly your body cools down and thanks you for it.

Protests, Demonstrations

Demonstrations, shouts for ‘Freedom’, attacks on governments, “we are FOR, to be AGAINST”, (‘Wir sind dafür, dass wir dagegen sind!’). In other words, there has been too much of this in the last little while. Is it because of increasing stress caused by this corona virus and COVID ? is it because people have more time now on their hands, is it because the whole world has started to shout for (freedom) or something or other, or is it because all of us simply have enough of inflationary spirals going out of hand, prices going thru the roof, not enough to do to keep us busy ? Or is it because the rules for normal behavior have loosened to such extent, that yelling, screaming, shouting and hypertension has become the norm ?

Frankly, my motto has always been: “The right for demonstrations and complaints against the government should be reserved primarily for those who are actually paying taxes to those governments (even if hey have not voted for the party in power). Freedom, or no freedom.

And is is not typical that those who shout loudest are also those who do not pay taxes at all ? [Example: Who shouts the loudest and has always the most complaints against their government and everything ? certain segments of the population – in this case, a country in Europe – who never have to pay income taxes for their pensions. Here in Canada we pay tax for every penny of income.]

Freedom Convoy – early this Spring. [ ] . And who will ultimately pay for recovering the damage control expenses for this ? Taxpayers.

Different scenario: Attack on the US Capitol, January 6, 2020

[ ]. Check out those types ? Do they strike you as ordinary citizens and law-abiding taxpayers ?

Protests which are acceptable are those that try to fight for justice in the name of the environment, unjustly behavior against women and children, or protection against any type of aggression. [ ]



Impossible ? yes, and no. Improbable ? maybe not. Reality ? seems that way. Effective ? no.

With the numbers of doctors leaving the province of British Columbia, and the latest news about clinics closing, in addition to the longstanding problems this province’s health care system had faced, it is no surprise that patients have to resort to doing their own procedures including surgeries.

[ ]

[ ]

Well-known and published extensively since many years is the lack of an effective health care system including doctors’ shortages. {Maybe caused by too much Government interference.}

Having arrived in BC in the year 2002, coming from Alberta, where I resided for almost 30 years and always had a family doctor: Before leaving the province of Alberta I had been told to get all my procedures and testing including minor surgeries done, before leaving that province. Because in British Columbia there blows a different wind. Do it yourself.

Coming back to virtual surgeries. At present I still need to figure out how to do surgery on an injured finger, injured two years ago and still no pain killer in sight. {Prescribed pain killers, Acetaminophen codeine, did nothing to relieve the pain.} It would be easy if someone could inject at least a corticosteroid injection into the swollen inflamed finger, where I had cut a nerve and living in constant pain for those two years, not being able to fully use my left hand anymore.

However, after two ultrasounds (resulting in :”nothing found”, although it obviously showed on the images, and some X rays – ridiculous – and seeing a ‘finger surgeon’, who only maybe performs surgery when a finger is the size of a melon – the seriously inflamed and swollen and painful finger has as of yet not been treated. Taking into account the current virus pandemic when we wash our hands twenty times in one hour, it had also been suggested to use a topical. (Are you kidding ?)

Can VIRTUAL SURGERY tell me how to do my own surgery and amputate my own finger ? For that surgery I need two hands, equipment and anesthetic.



LATEST NEWS: Canada government will very soon loosen travel restrictions and open borders with the United States, where now – as we speak – many States experience new outbreaks of this corona virus Delta variant. Mr. Trudeau, Canada, besides opening borders in July, will introduce further loosening of travel restrictions for international travel by September.

[ ]

Largely due to pressure by the corporations who rely on travel and tourism: Airlines, cruise ships and related industry. [ ]

What will be the result ? [same as experienced in several countries in Europe] – as confirmed by an inside source a week ago , doctors are “doctoring – falsifying” vaccination passports to allow vacation travel among countries. [ ]. Big bucks can be made now (for example, among others, by corrupt doctors or medical facilities), falsifying vaccination certificates.


DELTA variant, one of the more dangerous (and of concern) variants of the corona virus, now finding its way around the world. As mentioned before: VACCINATION and VIRUS are two sides of the issue of “protect yourself” and “protect against infection caused by others.” [ ] Why is it so difficult to understand that vaccination alone does not provide protection against getting the virus, or spreading it.

COVID-19 Delta variant and travel

SARS-CoV-2 variants – dangers of loose travel restrictions. DELTA variance, one of the more dangerous (and of concern) variants of the corona virus, now finding its way around the world. As mentioned before: VACCINATION and VIRUS are two sides of the issue of “protect yourself” and “protect against infection caused by others.” [ ]

Why is it so difficult to understand that vaccination alone does not provide protection against infection.

The new, more dangerous Delta variance is now traveling around the world, together with many happy travelers. [ This variant of he SARS-CoV-2 virus is more easily transmissible. This is precisely the reason why travel restrictions should not be loosened or eliminated.

Canada receives travelers from all over the world. Many are family members or Canadian citizens, and arriving from countries with a high proportion of those infected with the new more transmissible Delta variant. [ ]. Even our British Columbia government have recently loosened restrictions about mask wearing, opening restaurants and other facilities, where virus transmissions can easily occur. And Travel – one of the main sources for disease transmission, importing dangerous virus variants. Most infections occur within closed groups, families, and people with close contact to each other. Frankly, I could foresee this months ago.

Still seems, the only protection is self-isolation.

[ ]