Google, Word Press, Apache, and others

Thank you Google for letting us have and use so many applications, all of them useful and free. I take back all the complaints about “Google is spying on us” because it probably has a purpose in the overall smooth functioning of the Internet, making everybody who uses the NET more or less comply with a certain standard of ethical behaviour. It does not bother me if certain robot programs are going through my e-mail, I have nothing to hide. So, keep up the good work and continue letting us have freebies by all those hard working talented systems professionals. Not only Google, but also many other very useful application systems, which are free. I myself have spent since the 1960s developing information systems and big databases – that was then – and am tired now to continue doing so at my age. So, thanks again.


Police State

Yesterday listening to several CBC interviews concerning the Edward Snowdon affair [ ]. Edward Snowdon [ ], whistle blower on US spying into ordinary citizens’ private lives.
Spying, must be fun ! Although in fact few care about this any more. We all know that more spying is going on by large Internet conglomerates who control social media and mail service systems. With each e-mail I sent I am expecting that robot programs are going through and extracting certain key data from my mail. In fact, I am testing this theory sometimes. See, what is happening.
My earliest encounter with ‘Police State’ mentality has been during WWII, when the Gestapo was persecuting citizens who were against the regime. We had those buggers also in our home, threatening my mother, who consequently attempted to commit suicide. [Should be noted that during those times the Gestapo made short business with people, their heads got chopped off = guillotine.]
Therefore, this entire affair of spying on citizens, or former CIA/NSA personnel leaking documents to the public, all of which disclosing how the United States has been spying on the ordinary ‘man in the street’, leaves me cold. It strikes me like a comic show. Not so comic was my first run in at Syracuse University with the Police State bureaucracy there: When you return from an evening class and walk in the street on Campus they will stop you and ask what you do and where you go. [Welcome back, Mr. Hitler should I say – not,_Kotter ] .

After all, those who are spied upon are taxpaying citizens and pay for those who make up the (Police State) government.

Football – the beautiful game

Watching most FIFA world cup games – be it 2002 in Montreal, 2006 in Victoria, 2010 in Berlin or 2014 again Victoria, BC, Canada – always exciting, makes me want to pack my suit case and be there with all the other fans, in the stadium. I sure remember 1954 [ ] and how we celebrated that win.

Football’s mantra is what gets me: Say NO to Racism. What a beautiful thought. How does that fit in with all the hooting, booing, and whistling inside the Brazilian stadiums when certain European teams play against South American or (what was it? Algerian) teams ? Or, listen to the TV broadcasters’ pre- and post game show ? For example: France against Germany, Brazil against Germany, but Netherlands “takes on” Argentina. The connotation being, all teams are playing against Germany, but Germany does not play against any teams. If I am “against racism” or in that case against discrimination, then why not do it consistently. Other than that: Enjoy the rest of it, hopefully with less fouls and injuries.