2022 Heat Wave strikes again

July 2022. Another heat wave. Recall last year 2021, when hundreds of older residents here on Vancouver Island died, caused by this heat.

How can one get a heat stroke ? That’s a good one. Normally that shouldn’t be happening. If the right precautions are followed.

Heat stroke is the most serious heat-related illness. It occurs when the body can no longer control its temperature: the body’s temperature rises rapidly, the sweating mechanism fails, and the body is unable to cool down. When heat stroke occurs, the body temperature can rise to 106°F (41C) or higher within 10 to 15 minutes.

[Difference: Stroke – Heat stroke: Heat stroke is when your body overheats and core body temperature rises. Stroke is when a blood vessel to the brain bursts or is blocked by a clot. ]. Of course, both can occur with heart patients who already suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Prevention, prevention, prevention. When it is hot, no wind, temperature above 40C for days, or even weeks, then PREVENTION is the answer for SURVIVAL.

The minimum one can do is to keep the body temperature in check, cool down – not only with drinking water from the inside, but also cool the body down from the outside.

What I do is, always wear a cotton scarf around my neck, soaked in cold water. Repeat every hour on the hour or when needed, more. If the body temperature rises even more, soak a cotton T-shirt in cold water, and wear it. You can’t believe how quickly your body cools down and thanks you for it.

Protests, Demonstrations

Demonstrations, shouts for ‘Freedom’, attacks on governments, “we are FOR, to be AGAINST”, (‘Wir sind dafür, dass wir dagegen sind!’). In other words, there has been too much of this in the last little while. Is it because of increasing stress caused by this corona virus and COVID ? is it because people have more time now on their hands, is it because the whole world has started to shout for (freedom) or something or other, or is it because all of us simply have enough of inflationary spirals going out of hand, prices going thru the roof, not enough to do to keep us busy ? Or is it because the rules for normal behavior have loosened to such extent, that yelling, screaming, shouting and hypertension has become the norm ?

Frankly, my motto has always been: “The right for demonstrations and complaints against the government should be reserved primarily for those who are actually paying taxes to those governments (even if hey have not voted for the party in power). Freedom, or no freedom.

And is is not typical that those who shout loudest are also those who do not pay taxes at all ? [Example: Who shouts the loudest and has always the most complaints against their government and everything ? certain segments of the population – in this case, a country in Europe – who never have to pay income taxes for their pensions. Here in Canada we pay tax for every penny of income.]

Freedom Convoy – early this Spring. [ https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/feds-will-cover-35-million-policing-bill-for-freedom-convoy-protest-in-ottawa-1.5874211 ] . And who will ultimately pay for recovering the damage control expenses for this ? Taxpayers.

Different scenario: Attack on the US Capitol, January 6, 2020

[ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2021_United_States_Capitol_attack ]. Check out those types ? Do they strike you as ordinary citizens and law-abiding taxpayers ?

Protests which are acceptable are those that try to fight for justice in the name of the environment, unjustly behavior against women and children, or protection against any type of aggression. [https://mcgradylaw.ca/pdfs/Guide-to-the-Law-of-Protest.pdf ]



Impossible ? yes, and no. Improbable ? maybe not. Reality ? seems that way. Effective ? no.

With the numbers of doctors leaving the province of British Columbia, and the latest news about clinics closing, in addition to the longstanding problems this province’s health care system had faced, it is no surprise that patients have to resort to doing their own procedures including surgeries.

[ https://globalnews.ca/news/8579419/third-victoria-clinic-closing/ ]

[ https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/victoria-family-doctor-shortage-1.6330684 ]

Well-known and published extensively since many years is the lack of an effective health care system including doctors’ shortages. {Maybe caused by too much Government interference.}

Having arrived in BC in the year 2002, coming from Alberta, where I resided for almost 30 years and always had a family doctor: Before leaving the province of Alberta I had been told to get all my procedures and testing including minor surgeries done, before leaving that province. Because in British Columbia there blows a different wind. Do it yourself.

Coming back to virtual surgeries. At present I still need to figure out how to do surgery on an injured finger, injured two years ago and still no pain killer in sight. {Prescribed pain killers, Acetaminophen codeine, did nothing to relieve the pain.} It would be easy if someone could inject at least a corticosteroid injection into the swollen inflamed finger, where I had cut a nerve and living in constant pain for those two years, not being able to fully use my left hand anymore.

However, after two ultrasounds (resulting in :”nothing found”, although it obviously showed on the images, and some X rays – ridiculous – and seeing a ‘finger surgeon’, who only maybe performs surgery when a finger is the size of a melon – the seriously inflamed and swollen and painful finger has as of yet not been treated. Taking into account the current virus pandemic when we wash our hands twenty times in one hour, it had also been suggested to use a topical. (Are you kidding ?)

Can VIRTUAL SURGERY tell me how to do my own surgery and amputate my own finger ? For that surgery I need two hands, equipment and anesthetic.



LATEST NEWS: Canada government will very soon loosen travel restrictions and open borders with the United States, where now – as we speak – many States experience new outbreaks of this corona virus Delta variant. Mr. Trudeau, Canada, besides opening borders in July, will introduce further loosening of travel restrictions for international travel by September.

[ https://www.marketwatch.com/story/fully-vaccinated-americans-can-travel-to-canada-starting-in-mid-august-01626403456 ]

Largely due to pressure by the corporations who rely on travel and tourism: Airlines, cruise ships and related industry. [ https://globalnews.ca/news/8028480/covid-19-pressure-mounts-to-reopen-borders-as-montreals-tourism-industry-continues-to-struggle/ ]

What will be the result ? [same as experienced in several countries in Europe] – as confirmed by an inside source a week ago , doctors are “doctoring – falsifying” vaccination passports to allow vacation travel among countries. [ https://www.dw.com/en/security-flaws-uncovered-in-eu-vaccination-passport/a-58129016 ]. Big bucks can be made now (for example, among others, by corrupt doctors or medical facilities), falsifying vaccination certificates.


DELTA variant, one of the more dangerous (and of concern) variants of the corona virus, now finding its way around the world. As mentioned before: VACCINATION and VIRUS are two sides of the issue of “protect yourself” and “protect against infection caused by others.” [ https://renataveritasopinion.com/2021/06/25/covid-19-vaccination-and-the-virus/ ] Why is it so difficult to understand that vaccination alone does not provide protection against getting the virus, or spreading it.

COVID-19 Delta variant and travel

SARS-CoV-2 variants – dangers of loose travel restrictions. DELTA variance, one of the more dangerous (and of concern) variants of the corona virus, now finding its way around the world. As mentioned before: VACCINATION and VIRUS are two sides of the issue of “protect yourself” and “protect against infection caused by others.” [ https://renataveritasopinion.com/2021/06/25/covid-19-vaccination-and-the-virus/ ]

Why is it so difficult to understand that vaccination alone does not provide protection against infection.

The new, more dangerous Delta variance is now traveling around the world, together with many happy travelers. [ https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/variants/variant-info.html%5D. This variant of he SARS-CoV-2 virus is more easily transmissible. This is precisely the reason why travel restrictions should not be loosened or eliminated.

Canada receives travelers from all over the world. Many are family members or Canadian citizens, and arriving from countries with a high proportion of those infected with the new more transmissible Delta variant. [ https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/coronavirus-covid19/travel-restrictions-exemptions.html ]. Even our British Columbia government have recently loosened restrictions about mask wearing, opening restaurants and other facilities, where virus transmissions can easily occur. And Travel – one of the main sources for disease transmission, importing dangerous virus variants. Most infections occur within closed groups, families, and people with close contact to each other. Frankly, I could foresee this months ago.

Still seems, the only protection is self-isolation.

[ https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports ]

COVID-19 vaccination and the virus

The virus causing this disease does not always easily show itself in the form of marked symptoms. As everybody’s immune system is different. As now more and more people get vaccinated against that disease, NOT the virus, it is obvious that their immune system has been strengthened by the vaccines.

Meaning that any symptoms – if those who are vaccinated, but may still carry this virus – are not easily visible. Therefore, all shops in Canada, British Columbia and other provinces, still require wearing a mask inside a store, and inside a building, and inside any closed spaces.

Some people never get this.

Today I was at my building supply store in Victoria. Wearing a mask, and standing in line at the cashiers. In front of me a customer lady was busy paying, taking her time, but wearing no mask. And talking at length to the poor cashier man, who may not say anything, in order not to loose customers. Noticing that everybody else wears a mask, as per sign at the entrance door, she turns to me (I am standing several meters distance) and says: I am vaccinated. Dangerous behavior, that is all I can say.

This is precisely the reason that I wear my mask and I keep my distance, to protect myself. Despite the fact that most people by now are vaccinated, myself included twice. Does not mean much !



As said before, one of the worst investments is condominium ownership, more to the point – purchasing a unit in an older condo building or one that is badly built, or worse – not situated in a good location.

Why ? Depreciation. Buildings always over time depreciate in value, while land appreciates. [Not always, but hopefully so]. The older a condo building gets, the more its needs repairs, maintenance costs are increasing, and eventually large projects need to be done to the building. Most financial operations – unless massive increases in owners’ fees are practiced – do not have sufficient funds to pay for large construction projects. That’s where SPECIAL LEVIES come in. The money collected cannot appreciate in those accounts. Especially now, with interest rates being so low. In addition, more condo corporations than not are likely to mishandle funds (using money for projects that are not necessary, while others are neglected.)

In summary: Unless an investment into a condominium is purely based on speculation (quick buy, quick sell in a hot market), owning and living at length in a condo can become costly.


Whether an investment turns out good or bad is purely dependent on the current economy, situation, location. [Of course, one can always ‘wait it out’ – “don’t wait too long and pass away over it, though”.]. Almost seems, that good investments – now and for a long while into the future – are DONATIONS, DONATIONS – mostly online.

I thought, I saw it all, but there is daily some other scheme popping up of how to sift money from unsuspecting media users. What we call : “auf die Tränendrüsen drücken” – meaning: During bad times, getting worse by the minute, develop a website – or use a tech to write one up for you or buy one ready made – and invent some event that could make users cry hot tears – and collect money through your website. NOW IS THE TIME, Folks !

COVID-19 Vaccination

It is now already March 2021 and virus infections have again picked up. Too many new infections world wide. Largely due to mutations of this virus. Meanwhile I learned much more about primarily how vaccinations could protect against this pandemic disease.

There still is so much to learn about this, especially if vaccines will be effective and for how long. For the various vaccines that have now been approved by governments, it is the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines which according to the experts and the Pharma industry require two shots, preferably given within a time frame of 21 to 42 days.


The ready supply of vaccines is foremost on governments’ minds. Most important. And because it can not always be guaranteed, some governments have decided to extend the period between the first and second injection, up to 16 weeks, that is 112 days.

As I will have my vaccination in several days, I was concerned about this. My question was:”How effective is the (double-dose) vaccine, under these circumstances, and would it not be better, NOT to have any vaccination, if I can not have the second shot ?”


[NOTE. If the second shot is 112 days after the first, then it can be inferred that the second shot will or could not be given at all. Simple logistic. Alternatively, during the wait period for he second shot, government policy may change and it can be given earlier.]

Therefore, my decision is now: Get this injection when I am scheduled. Hoping that the vaccine comes from a reliable, non-expired and properly stored batch.

{Another little aside from this is, that makes me believe my immune system is pretty good, for my age. I survived a serious virus outbreak on a cruise ship in September 2015, Princess Cruises (Norovirus). Vancouver – Hawaii and return. At that time I had been one of the few who walked off the ship Vancouver Harbour, no symptoms, yet. But, during the bus trip from Vancouver to the ferry for Victoria, BC, I got sick. Coming home, then isolated myself for several weeks and survived. [ https://renataveritashistory.com/2015/10/10/norovirus-cruises-star-princess/ ]}

INVESTMENTS – online portfolios

A reliable way to invest is first and foremost – do your homework. Research: which companies to trust, which investments are stable, and the older you get, how to avoid losses, and how to look forward. From a certain age on, I cannot possible look forward to over 2 years (fixed investments) – and to over 10 years – for secured holding. After years of now managing my own portfolio via a direct brokerage pension account, I have learnt how to make the best of my investment mix at an average return rate of 4%. But working on it regularly, and follow world events which always influence portfolios.

BONDS – I had various excellent bonds, in the past, they all expired, and that market does not hold up anymore with returns of over 6%. GUARANTEED CERTIFICATES – I have a few, one pays 3.6%, not so bad, average expected by all big Banks is now from 0.6% to 2% (past, for 3 years). All such instruments need a minimum of $5,000 investment. The older you get, the shorter the term investment period. STOCKS and EQUITIES – I found a good way to invest in Sectors: ETF – Exchange Traded Funds. A good way buying units in a sector. Examples: MINING & MINERALS, HIGH DIVIDEND, BONDS, REAL ESTATE, HEALTH CARE. For 2020 – good choices. For 2021 also INFRASTRUCTURE.

Because of my low pension income, and the need to rely on my own RRIF portfolio, therefore look for ETFs which pay monthly distributions and also have a low MER (Management Expense Ratio). I never speculate, never have and never will. The best, yet, when I trade online, it costs a minimum – ETFs do not cost commission. Last, not least, markets – what goes down, must come up again. Thanks to the speculators and global politics.


UPDATE April 2021

Canadian bank draft sent on March 10, 2021 by postal service from Victoria, BC to Germany, arriving Frankfurt Airport March 17, 2021, then held up in customs (?), finally arriving April 7, 2021, in Berlin – 21 business days. Not too bad ! My son who lives in Europe told me that some mail took up to one year. Therefore – it is apparently not a good idea to do any international money transfer to any countries [the United States may be the exception ?], but rather transfer funds online. In the end, transfer costs may amount to the same.

When sending a bank draft by Canada Post, special delivery for tracking purposes, WARNING – during the world wide pandemic lock downs occur that may include postal services. My bank draft mailed via Canada Post on March 10 to Berlin, Germany, has never arrived, yet.

One thing I learned, (besides “you cannot really trust any bank”) unless you spend hours researching on the Internet how money (or funds) are transferred from point A to point B, and more importantly – what extra charges are taken by each INTERMEDIARY BANK in between your bank (point A) and the payee’s bank (point B). Remember, your own bank, even if it is the largest, will not disclose this to you. You will have to dig deep for it.

CASE IN POINT. Each year I need to transfer income tax payments to Europe, where I started working, having had income, contributing to the government social insurance, and now receive a small pension. Back to banking business: What is the best and cheapest way to pay these annual amounts ? As my online bank account does not allow certain money transfers which are commercial – especially to a large government – my Canadian Bank must do this for me. My bank advertises a fee of C$6 for any amounts under $1,000. [ https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/banking-services/international-money-transfer.html ]. What they forget to mention is, that the funds may first go to an INTERMEDIARY BANK in Europe. That bank may take another hefty fee. While my bank here in Canada will not be responsible for any extra charges, once the transfer has been processed. In my case, for a small amount for under C$1,000, the bank in Europe charged an additional Euro20, equal to C$30 m/l. That is too expensive. [ https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/062515/what-difference-between-correspondent-bank-and-intermediary-bank.asp ]

Buying a draft in Euro currency at my bank and then mail to the (government) recipient in Europe would cost me: C$8.50 for an amount under $1,000 funds. [ https://www.rbcroyalbank.com/banking-services/bank-draft.html ]. Sending this bank draft by mail probably needs special secure mail. Check this out: [ https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/bank-draft-td-canadatrust-royalbank-rbc-bmo-cibc-canada-banking-cash-cheques-1.4457823 ]. From Canada international, better use registered mail and hope for the best. [ https://www.canadapost.ca/cpc/en/personal/sending/letters-mail/registered-mail.page ]