Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunting

Illegal trophy hunts of grizzly bears. It is a cowardly act to kill unarmed civilians during a war or occupation, the hunt is also on for trophy grizzly bears. Mostly residing in Canada’s northern British Columbia. The numbers are staggering – 300 bears killed a year, 250 bears by way of (lottery-assigned) trophy hunts. Trophy hunting resulting in taking the head, paws, having the pelt processed for mounting.

The trophy hunting of coastal grizzlies is not so much a sport as a search and destroy mission by trophy hunters with militia-style mindsets” (cowards who missed out of serving in any significant war theater and intend to make up for it.) These majestic creatures are already fighting pollution, habitat loss and pipelines crisscrossing their habitat [ ] Suggestion to those ‘militia-style skinheads’ : “Stand in front of a mirror, shoot at yourself, pin on some (purple heart or other) silly war medal, and march in the Memorial Day parade “I am a hero, I served”. At least that way some of the grizzlies can stay alive.

Coming back to trophy hunting of our grizzly friends in BC: The EU has issued a ban on import of such animal parts. However, hunters from Europe and elsewhere in North America come here regularly to hunt, get the skins processed and somehow illegally export them to their country. The Rain Coast Conservation Organization is working on this. [ ]

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Obsession with Guns

Sick minds ? Or coldblooded opportunists ? The newest fad is ‘printing your own automatic’ using 3D software and a specialized printer to manufacture the parts. [ ]. This being a law student at a reputable US university and does this as a major sideline. Guns can be addictive. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. There is always a human brain behind the ‘trigger finger’. What do all these have in common ? Shootings and mass killings are not incidental or accidental, they most likely are deliberate and they are learned behaviour. Good old dad – who knows – served in some war and teaches his sons to become ‘war savvy’. Why do shooters single out children ? Because of easy access to schools, because the targets are not armed and more likely than not, the shooter can go down “in a blaze of glory” – a hero.

Young people (remarkably, most of those are male) who are addicted to shooting and guns only need one thing: WW3. On their own home turf, not on some other nation’s. To serve in the war, to suffer the consequences of a major war, to get it out of their system. Apparently they have too much time on their hands. Or suffer from hormone overload. Or both. And at the end of such a war, you see them crying and breaking down, suffering from some mental disorder. They found out the hard way, there is no call to 911 (or was it 9/11?).

Extreme Capitalism and Poverty

Goes hand in hand. Current stats show that 20% of the Rich own 80% of the Capital. Nothing new here. In the 1960s when I was still in Europe I read the book by L.L. Mathias, published 1964 by Rowohlt Verlag GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. It was written in German, titled: DIE KEHRSEITE DER USA. (The other side of the USA). President John F. Kennedy in his first address to the United Nations, January 30, 1961: “ Before my term ends, we will have to determine again if a nation who is as organized and governed as ours, can continue to exist. The result is not at all certain.” [L.L. Mathias, 1893-1970. Journalist, Author; lived long in South America, Mexico, then USA]. His most acclaimed book critically explores what is behind the ‘glitz and glimmer’ of the USA, to present a realistic assessment. I have this book in my own library with hundreds of other books in four languages, most of them impossible to buy anywhere now.

What we learnt here is what is being discussed today: Extreme capitalism cannot help any nation to become a sound and well-founded democracy. According to current statistics, the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer, or otherwise also known as the “water treading” syndrome – standstill, we are not getting anywhere, we have more poverty, less government money, more people on ‘life support’. The question that always comes to mind is: Why do those who have incomes or capital in the billions need so much money ? Just like the poor, they can only eat, sleep and s*%#. They can only eat so much. Or do they need sandwiches with 24 carat gold pate ? Or platinum toilet seats ? A poor person, or even a regular dude, can live on 10 dollars a day, while the rich dude needs at least 500 thousand dollars a day. You must be kidding ! Same with housing. One person can only live in one house at a time. Why one hundred houses, for what ? The US government is going to go broke so bad, they already have trillions in debt, they won’t be able to support a growing army of welfare recipients and poor. Why is it not possible to curb this endless greed. Instead, develop a healthy democracy where all citizens can live and have enough to eat and a shelter over their head.

It is true that those who are rich also pay higher taxes (or at least should pay), on the other hand it is also true that money corrupts. The more you have, the more you want. [My own example: In 2002 I sold my condo 3000 square feet size and lived in my mini van for three months – 9 square ft. Everything is possible. Didn’t bother me a bit.]