Impossible ? yes, and no. Improbable ? maybe not. Reality ? seems that way. Effective ? no.

With the numbers of doctors leaving the province of British Columbia, and the latest news about clinics closing, in addition to the longstanding problems this province’s health care system had faced, it is no surprise that patients have to resort to doing their own procedures including surgeries.

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Well-known and published extensively since many years is the lack of an effective health care system including doctors’ shortages. {Maybe caused by too much Government interference.}

Having arrived in BC in the year 2002, coming from Alberta, where I resided for almost 30 years and always had a family doctor: Before leaving the province of Alberta I had been told to get all my procedures and testing including minor surgeries done, before leaving that province. Because in British Columbia there blows a different wind. Do it yourself.

Coming back to virtual surgeries. At present I still need to figure out how to do surgery on an injured finger, injured two years ago and still no pain killer in sight. {Prescribed pain killers, Acetaminophen codeine, did nothing to relieve the pain.} It would be easy if someone could inject at least a corticosteroid injection into the swollen inflamed finger, where I had cut a nerve and living in constant pain for those two years, not being able to fully use my left hand anymore.

However, after two ultrasounds (resulting in :”nothing found”, although it obviously showed on the images, and some X rays – ridiculous – and seeing a ‘finger surgeon’, who only maybe performs surgery when a finger is the size of a melon – the seriously inflamed and swollen and painful finger has as of yet not been treated. Taking into account the current virus pandemic when we wash our hands twenty times in one hour, it had also been suggested to use a topical. (Are you kidding ?)

Can VIRTUAL SURGERY tell me how to do my own surgery and amputate my own finger ? For that surgery I need two hands, equipment and anesthetic.


Health Care Serial Killers

Good one ! I love this new concept, because as old as this particular serial killer medical profession is, it has finally come to the forefront and accepted as “that is what we can expect for our health care dollars”.

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Wake up and smell the roses when it comes to “can you trust any health care professional , really ?”

Think about it. Nobody can force you to allow some health care person (can be a doctor, can be a NP – Nurse Practitioner, can be a nurse) to touch you, either with a syringe, any other instrument, trying to administer medication to you, or simply to “examine” you – male person to female patient for no reason whatsoever. (Reminds me of two doctors who in the very distant past raped me.)

And this is precisely the reason that these medical or health care professionals can never be held responsible for any deaths nor brought to justice.

Example: nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer killed so many seniors using lethal injections. Could have gone on for ever and ever. Why ? Because trusting seniors “trusted her.”

I personally over time learned to trust most medical professionals only from “twelve to noon” (as the saying goes).

Unless I find a doctor who I can trust or some other para-medical.

I trust myself, I have healed myself many times, I do not take medication I do not need, I know my own body better than anybody.

Once in a while I like to get a simple blood test to see if anything is miss or out of range. Even that has become difficult, because the health care insurance only pays for anything that is necessary, meaning after a disease has manifested itself. Too late !

Definitely, keep away from people with syringes.

British Columbia Public Health Care system

Patient wait times for ELECTIVE (= deemed not necessary) but life-saving diagnostic procedures, especially those for early detection of cancers: Minimum one year or over.

The following is a link – lengthy because its a government source – explaining – or rather confusing the issue – of extreme long wait-times for any procedure.

The procedures that I consider necessary because those are the ones that can save lives because of early detection of cancers.

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These waiting policies are strictly managed by the government. As one specialist and physician told me:” I am not responsible for the wait time.” Following a letter that I sent to the BC Government, asking “then who is responsible?”  did not answer my question.

In fact, no one knows or admits to knowing WHO in particular is responsible for those extreme long wait times – unless this policy is intended to kill of patients, before even having to spend any money for expensive (lets say) cancer treatments. All of which had been avoidable and preventable.

The short of it is, the government determines the policies, rules and regulations which allow certain patients to live, while others must die. Because of refusal of (cancer-detecting) diagnostic procedures. Criteria for this kind of TRIAGING are primarily: (1) Age, (2) Birthplace (and I am talking here of BC residents, taxpayers and Canadian citizens), (3) Whatever. Presumably having inside connections to the system.

Here is another interesting eye-opening revelation on how the government defines their public health care system. Which they claim (on their own government websites) as being offered FREE and accessible to all. Not so, far from it.

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Nothing is free. We as Canadian taxpayers fully pay for this public health care system. Primarily with our income tax, and secondary extra billing by provincial governments for their health care insurance systems.

Also, read the following: — which mostly is about Canadian citizens turning to private health care services and paying for it, extreme high costs, because most do not get even to be entered onto a so called wait-list,

[ ]  .In this article among others it is explained what the BC MSP (Medical Service Plan) health care insurance covers, and what not.

I am paying into this BC public health care system since 2002. And into the Canadian health care system since 1976. I never once received a physical exam, I have to pay all specialized services out of my pocket, I pay my (one and only medication) out of my pocket. I pay most everything out of pocket and I do not even get any more services because of my age. Alberta ? between 1976 and 2002 I had at least a family doctor and regular health care services.

No matter what, you can twist and turn, rules are rules, and rules are also meant to be broken, leading to internalized corruption. Either treat yourself, become a doctor, see a veterinarian (they are better doctors) or kill yourself. Or, as explained above – private clinic and pay (which according to government, is illegal).

In British Columbia the complaint is always “there are not enough doctors”. Also, not true. What is true is, because of the inefficiency inside the system and the extreme bureaucracy, making life difficult for doctors, there is not enough needed and productive medical time – doctors there are. In other words, time is wasted on unproductive issues.

Canada’s Health Care System

Canada’s health care system

What I am reading about Canada’s FREE health care system is a big laugh. Having lived and resided in Canada and being a Canadian citizen, I must emphasize: “Canada’s health care system is not FREE.”

In fact, in most provinces it costs a fortune to just get a diagnostic test. Because of extreme long wait times, patients are forced to use private clinics, which at the same time is in fact not allowed by the individual Provincial governments, who are supposed to provide health care insurance. By far I would say, that British Columbia is one of the worst.

Listening to overseas relatives who can have any diagnostic tests multiple times if needed in a short span of time, in my over forty years in Canada I have had only one MRI test. They cost over $1,000 if paid privately.

When moving from Alberta to BC, I had actually been advised to be smart and get most important tests done prior to my move, because BC’s health care system is one big mess. That had been sixteen years ago.

And this is not even the worst in a system that is suffering questionable management. We not only need (often life-saving) tests, but also doctors. Because doctors are not paid sufficiently, they lack the motivation to go out there and do menial medical procedures.

This is totally understandable. So, where does this system break down ?

One thing is sure, Canada’s health care system is not FREE, only for those who do not pay into it, like the homeless, drug addicts and drifters.

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Medical Health Care System – Victoria, BC

If the government medical system does not function because of over inflated bureaucracy, patients will be killed. Unnecessarily. One of the biggest problems is the shortage of family doctors, or general practitioners, who are doctors with a medical degree. Specialists apparently we have. But wait times are years. For a large population of senior citizens this does not bode well. The system on Vancouver Island is driven by the Vancouver Island Health Authority, now operating within a so called electronic TRIAGE system.

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There are several “arms” to this triage system: One is a variety and number of Walk-in Clinics in various locations; the second is 911 Emergency for hopefully some hospital (preferably not on weekends when most accidents occur); the third is an Ambulance system operated by a private company. The last on this list is: See your doctor. Wishful thinking. I never found out in fifteen years in Victoria, Vancouver Island, which doctor they refer to.

Walk In Clinics: The majority I know and have seen sprouting up over time have closed down, moved, or when there really is an emergency, cannot accommodate patients, because of the absence of enough doctors. One of the now available services are for patients to allow access to their lab results.

Besides managing myself and relying on medical study and information research, gathered from very reputable world class clinics

[ ], I have been let down too many times by clinicians at the local clinic that I had frequented now for ten years in Victoria, resulting in mostly self-management, as well as paying for (health care covered) treatments out of my own pocket.

Strangely enough, some of those nurse practitioners assume the title of Dr. without having any medical degree, or they are referred to as Medical Doctor (by the system) without correcting this. [Check with the College of Physicians and Surgeons, this is a No/No.]

Examples of personal horror stories over the years include: Fractured metatarsal foot — form for assistance to get to hospital DVT clinic/large blood clot, sent to Vancouver instead of Victoria where I reside. Severe osteoporosis needing every 3-year BMD test — form sent to Timbouktou ?, indicating low priority. Medical fitness form for Ministry of Justice for drivers license — exam paid by me $100 to doctor, but test done by some temporary nurse, who among others took one blood pressure only instead of several, while during the test try to chat with me and upset me, outcome was elevated blood pressure.

Rotator cuff and shoulder injury two years ago — getting me into a program of corticosteroid injections and see a physiatrist who suggested to sell me more of those steroids, after a large tear in my tendon had been confirmed. Thanks, but no thanks ! My right arm/shoulder is now disabled. I personally have yet to see the MRI images, showing the large tear in the supraspinatus/tendon, done June 2017.

Just recently, when mentioning that a certain condition that I have and am sure about (comparing the images on the Internet, published by the Mayo Clinic), I was told “Sorry, I am not familiar with this condition”, and next (and I quote): “I do not look at the Internet.”

It is appreciated that clinicians go by the health care rules. However, we all know that every minute of every day some new discoveries are being made especially in the medical field. We also all know that all useful information that has helped so many for so many years is coming to us via the Internet. One only needs to rely on all the NO FAKE news and research. I usually rely on the best world wide known and respected clinics, such as for example the Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins [ ]. (Myself having graduated from an old very reputable ivy league college in the USA, and specializing in information systems research.).

And today’s doctors whose main goal is to advance medical research in practice all use the Internet. To also inform the public. [ ]. So, if anybody tells me “I do not look at the Internet”, I am not only scared, but very sorry.

Again, what’s this Triage system about ? Regulations, forms, unavailability during weekends, or personal opinions by clinicians, or worse, yet, personal opinions about patients themselves ?

I wish I had studied medicine full-time, but still cannot look up my own behind, needing a medical professional and equipment for this.