Guns can be addictive. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. There is always a human brain behind the ‘trigger finger’.

What do all these have in common ? Shootings and mass killings are not incidental or accidental, they most likely are deliberate. This is learned behavior.

Why do shooters single out children ? Because of easy access to schools, because the targets are not armed and more likely than not, the shooter can go down “in a blaze of glory” – a hero.

Look at what happened during WWII. I quote from international news media:

German cities wary of WWII bombers memorial

Published: 28 Jun 12 17:26 CET | Print version

Representatives of German cities destroyed in World War II bomb raids seemed circumspect on Thursday as Queen Elizabeth dedicated a memorial to the bomber pilots – with only an afterthought mention of the tens of thousands of civilian victims.

The above is a good example of why young people (mostly males) are entering a school with a high-powered rifle and shoot down children – mass shootings.

Have their (war veteran hero) fathers not told them how they can also be decorated by killing children ? And how they can be celebrated annually at their veterans and remembrance day parades for having killed hundreds of thousands of unarmed civilians during WWII ?

And do not learn children from their parents ?

So, if the old man was a war hero, then in some screwed up fashion the son would not understand why he cannot do the same and emerge as a hero. 

In all of those cases of mass shootings at American schools where the killer has taken his own life after the shootings, it has become quite clear that the mass shooter was not mentally unstable, but rather cool headed only doing “his job” as he learned from the previous generations of war heroes. It is ingrained in the psyche, it is taught by the mass media and it is learned behavior.  Don’t look for the NRA or the Government for help, look at your own societal values.  [using Firefox v.19]


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