US experiments in the Earth’s magnetic field between the inner and outer van-Allen radiation belt surrounding the earth. Between 1945 and 1992, the US conducted a multitude of nuclear explosions within the Earth magnetic field (a field between 270 and 80,000 km). [NOTE. Outer space starts at 80,000 km.] Project ‘Argus’ August 1958 – exploded were three bombs inside that radiation belt. Result: Strange solar lights were observed over Saskatoon/Canada. Then by 1962 the US Military exploded a larger nuclear bomb (around 300 km high) over the Johnston Atoll in the North Pacific. Also visible on the Honolulu/Hawaii night sky, a distance of 1200km from the explosion site. Witnesses observed a bright white sky, then turning green, then red. To measure the radiation effects, the US had sent the satellite INJUN I in orbit, flight path towards Canada. This time, following that nuclear explosion, enormous radiation activity could be measured, travelling all around the Earth’s magnetic field, gaining momentum and showing higher and higher radiation from those electrons set free by the explosion, up to maximum permissible radiation readings. The entire magnetic field around the Earth was affected. Following these (ongoing) nuclear explosions, many orbiting satellites (scientific or of military nature) have since given up their life and literally died. Irreparable damages have been done. [Source: Boschke: “Die Schöpfung ist noch nicht zu Ende.”-Genesis, Science].


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