Obsession with Guns

Sick minds ? Or coldblooded opportunists ? The newest fad is ‘printing your own automatic’ using 3D software and a specialized printer to manufacture the parts. [ http://motherboard.vice.com/read/click-print-gun-the-inside-story-of-the-3d-printed-gun-movement-video ]. This being a law student at a reputable US university and does this as a major sideline. Guns can be addictive. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. There is always a human brain behind the ‘trigger finger’. What do all these have in common ? Shootings and mass killings are not incidental or accidental, they most likely are deliberate and they are learned behaviour. Good old dad – who knows – served in some war and teaches his sons to become ‘war savvy’. Why do shooters single out children ? Because of easy access to schools, because the targets are not armed and more likely than not, the shooter can go down “in a blaze of glory” – a hero.

Young people (remarkably, most of those are male) who are addicted to shooting and guns only need one thing: WW3. On their own home turf, not on some other nation’s. To serve in the war, to suffer the consequences of a major war, to get it out of their system. Apparently they have too much time on their hands. Or suffer from hormone overload. Or both. And at the end of such a war, you see them crying and breaking down, suffering from some mental disorder. They found out the hard way, there is no call to 911 (or was it 9/11?).


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