War Criminals

[Children will loose their innocence solely through indoctrination by their parents with racist propaganda.]  WAR CRIMINALS have an uncanny ability to blend in anywhere and everywhere, even into groups and organizations which give the impression to dedicate their activities to the celebration of unsung heroes of the great world wars – namely the Royal Canadian Legion. At this point it would be useful to define the nature of war criminals: In general they are groups or individuals who during war times enjoyed killing civilians. And, there are those who either themselves were active members of a criminal wartime organization such as the SS (exterminating civilians in well-organized camps) or are the descendents of those actively involved in extermination camps. What makes them blend in ? Various reasons: they accomplish the blending in by living side by side with the population in their newly adopted country (with the pretext of assimilation); or, they really believe in the mantra: “my father only followed orders”. Doesn’t that make you sick to listen to this ? While believing that their SS fathers only followed orders, at the same time they taught their own children (and are teaching their grand children) to become racists. I always say (and I was only a very small child when the war ended): ”there is no such thing as ‘following orders’”. This excuse is reserved for the worst kind of criminals.

I would say today there are large numbers of them in Canada, USA, Central and of course South America. The “turn coats” they are also referred to. Quickly, at the end of war they changed their shirts or coats. To blend into the masses.  These are the ones that were responsible that the rest of the population (women and children) had to suffer and were killed as “by product of war”. Yet, here they are, happily ever after, enjoying themselves – both victors and clandestine war criminals – at the annual Remembrance Day celebrations of the Legions. One is inclined to think they celebrate because they either enjoyed the war, enjoy the fact of safely blending in (Oh, nobody really knows what the old man did during the war), or they enjoyed the killing of unarmed civilians and miss it (being old and decrepit now), or they actually believe they did a good deed, poor thing. Rule Britannia !


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