Easy Mortgage Money

Nothing easier than that. Most big Banks are running after you and literally glue themselves to your behind in order to shove a mortgage (or loan) down your gully. Why ? You don’t even have to be a psychologist to understand the common human psyche. Greed, greed, greed. Most people want to have what the neighbor has, and they want to have more of everything. For that, one needs money. Although there are now a larger number of millionaires walking the streets, the basic assumption still applies: “Most consumers do not have enough money for what they want.” Even if some guy had a million, how on earth can anybody expect that poor little bitch to actually live on a lousy million ? No, no. He wants two million, at least. That is where the Banks come in. Please, Mister (being already deep in debt) take out a loan or a mortgage, we offer fab rates – today’s special – like under 3% variable, not bad. At the same time the Banks do not give a rat’s ass if a person can actually pay a loan. They know, sooner or later payments are due and the borrower is up to their eye balls in debt. Cannot pay. Take out another loan to cover the first loan. Why not ? Or loose whatever you bought for that loan. Goes back to the Banks. Debt, debt, debt. Nobody seems to care, because life is short and borrowers want to live to the fullest – WITH OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY. Man, am I glad. I am the richest person in the world. I don’t have debts. Even if Mr. Google – when opening my Gmail – offers me dozens of different mortgages (as ‘side ads’), based on my e-mail (sent or received) which some of them may be from somebody I talk to about “what my plans are” blah, blah, blah – about HEH ! I may be interested in some mortgage. There you have it: Not interested in what the Banks want to shove down MY gully !


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