Football – the beautiful game

Watching most FIFA world cup games – be it 2002 in Montreal, 2006 in Victoria, 2010 in Berlin or 2014 again Victoria, BC, Canada – always exciting, makes me want to pack my suit case and be there with all the other fans, in the stadium. I sure remember 1954 [ ] and how we celebrated that win.

Football’s mantra is what gets me: Say NO to Racism. What a beautiful thought. How does that fit in with all the hooting, booing, and whistling inside the Brazilian stadiums when certain European teams play against South American or (what was it? Algerian) teams ? Or, listen to the TV broadcasters’ pre- and post game show ? For example: France against Germany, Brazil against Germany, but Netherlands “takes on” Argentina. The connotation being, all teams are playing against Germany, but Germany does not play against any teams. If I am “against racism” or in that case against discrimination, then why not do it consistently. Other than that: Enjoy the rest of it, hopefully with less fouls and injuries.


The beautiful game – FOOTBALL – FIFA 2014

In the entire world this game is Football, futbol, Fussball, voodbal, or anything very similar. Only because the Americans – the United States – have invented some silly game where players fall over each other and wear silly card board boxes on their body and kick or use their HANDS to throw a ball (which is not round), the rest of the world is supposed to call this beautiful game of FOOTBALL – soccer. Whatever that means. We grew up playing this game. We do not allow for anybody to force us to use a different name for it  [not even with the threat of drones].

I  am passionate about it and watch all FIFA tournaments and most games. I love it because of its mantra: DEU_FIFA2014 SAY NO TO RACISM. But, do not change its name.