Sexual Crimes in the Military

RE. March 2014 reportage in l’Actualité (Québec) about sexual attacks and offences committed by members of the Canadian Military. [ ]
Following a tremendous amount of responses by the public and also from military sides on this particular shocking issue, an external review is now being conducted, supported by also high Military Brass. Examinations headed by a former Supreme Court of Canada Judge. This to be an independent inquiry, to interrogate active and retired members of the Military, as well as victims of such abuses, many of whom do not serve anymore. Still their lives have been cruelly affected.
Although these investigations and interrogations (which will be comprehensive in scope) cannot attempt a complete revision of the current military system of governance, it is a huge step forward to actually make head ways into such a closed (to the outside world) system. And hopefully will help bring justice to those who got harmed. Be it female or male.
For this particular case, Canada has chosen a unique approach which is commendable. [ article: © Les Actualités Politiques, l’Actualité , September 2014]

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