Victoria Johnson Street Bridge Project – FOCUS Magazine

A city bridge building nightmare: Replacing the City of Victoria’s older Blue Bridge across a short span of water by the Inner Harbour with a monstrous newly designed bridge, whose design had started in 2009 and over time resulted in numerous design flaws and serious construction problems without to date not having accomplished an acceptable, simple, safe and correctly engineered design.

CONTINUING COMMENTARY. See also my previous post [ ].

Victoria’s FOCUS Magazine, Chief Editor David Broadland, is publishing important and detailed information about the new bridge’s project history and the mistakes being made by those responsible and in charge of this project. {That’s where my nightmare scenario came in.}

Victoria BC is not a big city and compared with any larger municipalities and their own bridge building projects, this new to be built Johnson Street bridge (near its Inner Harbour) should have been completed years ago (having started around 2009), and to early specifications taking into account the high vulnerability of this (Pacific North West) location to major earth quakes. And – allowing for some budget overruns – should have been within the budget limits set.

Maybe I have missed something in all those years. I came to Victoria in the Fall of 2002. As a property owner since 2002 I also pay taxes to the city and its officials. The same people who have been screwing up this bridge building project so badly. Yet, I am not aware of any referendums or elections in all those years. If there were (and as quoted in FOCUS they were held), than I certainly would not have voted YES to anything that would have been proposed. May I apologize for anything I may have missed all those years ? [Food for thought: Committees just like Councils are notoriously known for not accomplishing anything.]. What was and is missing for such a project (albeit a small bridge) are professionals.

I like to thank FOCUS Magazine of Victoria and David Broadland for the excellent information distribution and research done on this project. It certainly enlightens the public. I assure you I will be there when the next civic election comes around.


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