Mozilla Firefox Quantum – advertising included

The new Mozilla Firefox Quantum edition. More and more advertising. What’s really a big laugh is, that in over 60 years I am using and working with computing equipment, making my living with it for many years, as well as watching TV and listening to my daily radio programs, I have never, and I repeat NEVER, purchased anything that has been advertised and shoved down my throat via any of those media.

Some users may find this disturbing and distracting, or some may even pay attention to those ads and who knows buy something online. But most users of the Firefox browser don’t.

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When I need to buy a product (‘need’, not ‘want’), then I know what it is precisely and I buy it there where I get it quick and easy.

So, what’s the point to expend a lot of dollars paying for web developers, developing little apps to infiltrate any program, when in fact they cannot sell their stuff. Some TV program have become so bad that over 60% of their programs consist of ads.

Watch what reputable big stores and chains are doing: The best of them do not do any TV, radio or online advertising. Smart move, as it is well known that consumers like to take their own decisions of what, when and where to buy products.


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