COVID-19 vaccination and the virus

The virus causing this disease does not always easily show itself in the form of marked symptoms. As everybody’s immune system is different. As now more and more people get vaccinated against that disease, NOT the virus, it is obvious that their immune system has been strengthened by the vaccines.

Meaning that any symptoms – if those who are vaccinated, but may still carry this virus – are not easily visible. Therefore, all shops in Canada, British Columbia and other provinces, still require wearing a mask inside a store, and inside a building, and inside any closed spaces.

Some people never get this.

Today I was at my building supply store in Victoria. Wearing a mask, and standing in line at the cashiers. In front of me a customer lady was busy paying, taking her time, but wearing no mask. And talking at length to the poor cashier man, who may not say anything, in order not to loose customers. Noticing that everybody else wears a mask, as per sign at the entrance door, she turns to me (I am standing several meters distance) and says: I am vaccinated. Dangerous behavior, that is all I can say.

This is precisely the reason that I wear my mask and I keep my distance, to protect myself. Despite the fact that most people by now are vaccinated, myself included twice. Does not mean much !


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