DEMENTIA, ALZHEIMER’S – some thoughts

Only found in older people ? Not so. [ ].

Recently, on the radio a woman commented on just such a topic. Stereotyping this condition as “most older people are or will be suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease”. What is the cause of DEMENTIA ? [ ]. One can safely say that both diseases may be interconnected, mostly leading to memory loss.

How is it, that more young people are committing crimes, killings, mass shootings, rapes ? Dementia ? Otherwise, younger people who commit most crimes, would not do it over and over again, knowing they end up in jail.  How many older and very old people have an excellent memory ? Definitely more than younger people. What else may cause Dementia ? [ ] There are many causes for dementia, not all linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

To make this short: USE IT, OR LOOSE IT ! The same way as exercising your body (muscles, balance, any mental or physical activity), one should also exercise the brain. After all, it’s the engine that controls everything. [ ]

That’s precisely what I am doing, my memory having always been exceptional, not needing books to look up dozens of Internet accounts, passwords, bank account and telephone numbers – it’s all in my head. Guess what: I am 85 years old. In addition, lifelong learning (preferably not from certain Internet posts) should help reduce the risk of any onset of dementia in old age. Food for thought – COVID-19 and Alzheimer;s:  [ ]



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