Cycling – Be Seen – Safety

It is a well known fact that cyclists sharing a road with motorized vehicles and have a run-in or collision never win. Neither do motor cyclists win against heavier vehicles as a result of a collision.
Precautions can be taken, of which one of the most important ones is COLOUR, according to the mantra “Be Seen”. Two colour items can save lives: Bright clothing, such as yellow and hot pink or similar; and more importantly a good white front light and a good strong red rear light.
When I cycle, out of twenty or more cyclists I meet on the trails maybe one only has those lights, and they are on. This should be a legal requirement, same as daylight permanent lights on any North American motorized vehicle. Better invest in a $20 light than loose your life.
Be Seen and See. The second precaution is: “do not only rely on a rear view mirror (if any), but look over your shoulder frequently”. Meaning, do not rely on vehicle drivers paying attention to you as a cyclist. Be prepared !