Cyber Warfare – the new Wild West

[ ] Although “cyber war & attack” initially referred to politically motivated espionage, computer sabotage and deliberate disinformation, stealing of virtual data and identities, and/or political propaganda, the world is ready for the actual CYBER WARFARE using Drones, small pilot-less air planes, remote-controlled and used for spying and overhead information gathering in enemy territories. [ ]

The new military robots (drones) carry arms to kill. From the air, as they have always done during the last great world wars (but pilot sits in). From the air, enemy unseen, target in sight, push a button, open the hatches.

Dressed to kill, the new editions of the drone robots are intended to kill the enemy. Here, the ‘pilot’ just sits in a comfortable chair in a (maybe air-conditioned) room to push the button. No more Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to worry about as result of civilian killings, humans on the ground. No more need to be specific about what is an enemy and what is not.

Interesting concepts: Cyber Criminality coming our way on the internet, daily, hourly, by minute and second – every second. Espionage coming our way by the Western spy organisms and agencies, rifling through our e-mails and more. And now the drones.

In the Old Wild West – it was simply gun fights, shoot first, ask questions later. That was easy, that was fun. Gun fighters were the heroes. With unknown controllers sitting at monitors controlling drones in some unknown location, who are the heroes ? They cannot pretend anymore to be “war veterans” with all the privileges. The glory days of the old wild west are over.