Johann Sebastian Bach

From one of my French magazines to which I subscribe comes this: “Tout Bach, et plus encore. Qui n’aime pas Jean-Sébastien Bach ?”  (observe that also Sebastian – that is his name – has been screwed up and frenchyfied). Wann hört dies ‘Verhohnepiepeln ‘ von Namen endlich auf ? Give me a break. The name of this famous Baroque composer (of the 17th century), among the most popular of the classical composers, is Johann Sebastian Bach. Not Jean (as some French like to call him), not John either, but Johann. Besides, Jean (a French name) would then be equivalent to Hans in German, not Johann (or very old as well = Johannes). Source of this article based on a link to [ ]. This is a wonderful Dutch website, listing and performing all of the over one thousand music pieces for which Johann Sebastian Bach was most famous, and not making fun of his name by turning it into other languages. Thank you, Netherlands. [ ]