Rise of Popularity for Totalitarian Propaganda

Shifting society values towards violence, escalating violence,the disturbing rise of sympathies towards totalitarian regimes, revival of history’s dictators. Today’s ‘Shocking stat of the week’ on the Corus radio network, CFAX 1070 Radio Saturday mornings’ radio show, hosted by Michael Campbell [ http://www.cfax1070.com/Shows/Shows/Money-Talks-with-Michael-Campbell ] : The rising popularity of Adolf Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF. [ http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2014/01/09/why-is-hitlers-mein-kampf-rising-to-the-top-of-book-charts/ ].

This is disturbing, not only for its perceived ‘propaganda value’, but also for the fact that there seem to be enough readers around to actually seriously listen to this stuff and may get influenced by it. I suspect that those are readers who have never experienced a major war themselves. Since I myself ‘have been there, done it’, and my family suffered the consequences of persecution by the Gestapo during WWII, I can safely say that I will never be influenced by any of those writings.

Yet, funny thing is, that about 12 years ago I purchased this same book at a Calgary, Alberta main bookstore. Translated into English. (Not sure how much has been lost in translation.) Shortly after, this book disappeared off the shelves. The reason for buying this book was, to do research into “what makes the minds of mass murdering dictators tick”. And also, “how could a war like WWII have started”, by that miserable nobody Austrian-born Adolf Schicklgruber alias Hitler).

[One book also in my library is J.W. Stalin’s : Über die Grundlagen des Leninismus”, translated 1972 into German by a Chinese publishing house. Joseph Stalin (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili) , who according to history is responsible for the killing of some 20 million Russians, including many thousands of Americans (who had left during the great depression era around 1930’s emigrating to the USSR and got lost and were forsaken in the distant Siberian Gulags.]

In reality I have never even got around to looking at one page inside MEIN KAMPF. Stuff like this can only be used as a reference for collecting information.

I always say: “Anybody who survived a major war like we did and was right in the middle of it, could only find disgust in such propaganda materials by insecure and moronic control freaks, and in any movement that could revive totalitarian dictator regimes.” Too bad, too many want to control others.