COVID-19 PPM (Pandemic Propaganda Machine)

The PPM (Pandemic Propaganda Machine) is still running at full tilt. Daily several times a day radio, or TV news inserts, or the Internet. One of the issues I do not see addressed is: How to explain this condition in simple terms to those who may not even have access to the Internet (so far provided in our – now closed – Public Libraries), or simply explain to the local vulnerable population WHY they now must clean their hands often, or in the case, they never did, why clean them at all.

And what the meaning is of this COVID-19. I assume 19 because it started 2019. (In reality it should now be COVID-20.) COVID = Coronary Virus Infectious Disease. Stemming from the SARS-COV-2 virus.

I myself who works daily on the Internet and has made her living since 1960 in computer systems development, has no problem to find the relevant and necessary information. But what about those who cannot ?

Simplified explanation: This virus (who cares about its name) is easily transmittable from person to person. Inside the human system it multiplies and exits via mouth or via the ‘rear end’ , and is likewise easily transferred to a person’s hands. A person touching any number of surfaces where this virus than attaches itself. In addition to particles caused by coughing. Again, where people touch any part of their face, so that the virus can enter. And why always wash your hands is, nobody knows who is infected already, may carry this virus, and who not.


That is all the media systems need to tell people, if they care about them.


 It is both amazing and predictable how quickly human failure can hide behind anonymity.It is likewise amazing how quickly human behaviour can change and the anonymous becomes the ‘John Doe’ when a reward is in view. From the desk of the media:

(1) “ … a car slammed into a group of people and several were killed…” A car did what ? Although in the (maybe) not so distant future cars become robots, there is as of today a real life person behind the wheel, who controls the automobile or whatever they are driving. That person becomes responsible for killing the bystanders.

(2) “… stock markets are going up or down …” – markets are inanimate concepts and they can at best respond to investors buying or selling stocks. Better, yet, investigate the reason for any excessive buying or selling and report on that.

(3) “…a fighter plane dropped bombs on unarmed civilians…”. What ? The robot plane again ? Who pulled the trigger ? A robot ? A later investigation showed that the pilot responded in kind, such as for example: “… sorry, when I dropped me bombs on that house, the civilians inside did not hide deep enough under the ground.” Or, when bombing an entire country and the civilians (WWII):”… not sorry, the 3-year old children were carrying rifles and shooting at our bomber planes…”.

(4) “… the Banks are responsible for the worldwide financial crisis …”

Well, show them, march them out, those who were responsible for taking bad investment decisions with our moneys. Hell, they are people ! People can make mistakes, and will make deliberate mistakes in their own favor and for their own gain. But, must be held responsible.

It is unacceptable for governments to reward those responsible, to bail them out or assign them knighthoods (Sir here and Sir there) for what they did to the public.