Neil Young Honor the Treaty Tour Canada

Neil Young tour across Canada HONOR THE TREATY.

[ ] Neil Young’s week-long Canadian mini-tour to honor the (First Nations’) treaties and assist the Athabasca Chippewyan First Nation in northern Alberta, closest to the Alberta oil sands sites, Ft. McMurray, in their quest to preserve the natural environment. Mr. Neil Young is a prominent Canadian musician and song writer and environmental activist.

The original treaties between Canada’s First Nations were made between each First Nation and The Crown (which is in this case not some device or artifact, but in fact refers to the Queen of England). [ ]

And as history has taught us – or in that case has taught the Aboriginal Peoples/First Nations in Canada is, that treaties are made to be broken.

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Dear Mr. Young,
to get anything done in Canada I guess you must address the Queen of England, who is the Head of State of Canada. Doubtful if her Majesty can be bothered with the First Nations of Canada or the effects of the ever expanding Oil Sands in Alberta.