The recent bomb attacks at the Boston Marathon have demonstrated again how dangerous the policy is of allowing immigrants from certain countries that have a completely different culture into the US – more often than not under the false pretext of being refugees.

Immigration policy should certainly be more careful about whom to admit easily, when and consider special background checks on from where immigrants are allowed. There should be much more strict background checks into “what makes a person tick”. Than there are now.

A second aspect of terrorism being perpetrated in America:As violence breeds violence, a culture of relentless exposure by the mass media to violence cannot be expected to remain unnoticed by those who are new to this culture. In many cases, though, they may not be new to that culture with media coverage stretching out worldwide. Let’s face it. Young people anywhere no matter which remote region or country or remote or different religion have the instruments to view movies made in America. Looking back several decades I have noticed how much has changed in the quality of those movies – independent of which medium is used. Through all my travels I also know that most young people in (recently considered) chaste religious societies have easy access to anything coming from North America. And what do they see ? Gun violence, murder, killings, warmongering movies (where killers are depicted and hailed as heroes), cheating, lies and corruption. And more. According to “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”, what else can one expect than that newcomers into America feel it is quite OK to do likewise. These are two aspects of looking at TERRORISM.

Recent bombings, look at

Will they ever learn ? Or will they make an effort to clean up their own house first ?

Fact is, there are two types of imported terrorists: (1) they deliberately get their foot into the country to do their dirty deeds; (2) they learn from what they see in their new country. And there are homegrown terrorists, who have learned from the culture they are surrounded with. [s.a. my previous post on OBSESSION WITH GUNS ]


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