Besides weapons used in today’s terrorist attacks, or during wars, weapons of mass destruction are designed, manufactured (or, when already proven) utilized to eliminate large numbers of populations. What are other alternative ‘weapons of mass destruction’ ?

VEHICLES – traffic accidents – .

BAD FOOD – UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE – resulting in obesity and dangerous sometimes life- threatening diseases – .

CIGARETTES – smoking – causes millions in deaths each year – .

AIR POLLUTION caused by vehicles traffic or other sources of industrial pollutants – Air Pollution Linked to 1.2 Million Premature Deaths in China [from New York Times, China alone][ USA alone – ]

BUILDING MATERIALS – “killers inside your homes” – one of the worst is ASBESTOS –

This material had been used officially up to 1980 (unofficially not yet known how long). Of which Canada was one of the major producers and exporters of asbestos.

This stuff is in most everybody’s home.

Besides ASBESTOS, there is also the PCB and formaldehyde used in home construction materials. All potentially deadly products.

PESTICIDES – mostly today illegal, but how many are still used where ?



What do most of these have in common ? They are the by-products of the “great”– INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION, and they all kill.

Wake up and smell the roses, as we say.

How do all of these hazards compare with the terrorists’ weapons of mass destruction ? How many have been killed in mass shootings by terrorists or bombings by terrorists ? The comparison in numbers is almost ridiculous.

The first thing that should be in everybody’s mind is, CLEAN UP THE ENVIRONMENT – an environment that is home-made, people-made and causes many more deaths each year. In fact, this is growing in everybody’s own home yard. [ s.a. My post on GUN VIOLENCE ]

[NOTE. This post condemns the act of terrorist attacks on any civilians. It is merely intended to discuss ALTERNATIVE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.]


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