From my life long observation of the ‘human species’ I must say that there are more men than women who have big bellies. [Pregnant females excepted herein]. Causes = from growing fat, life style, or beer drinking, or lack of exercise, or from bad posture or – what is more likely – from lack of caring, because as the saying goes, a men does not have to care about his appearance as much as a woman. This particular attitude is a typically male excuse. Usually, we refer to this condition as “ when will he be due for his baby ?. . Talking about – “as a man I don’t need to care” – go to any plastic surgeon and get a face life and ask yourself (or the doctor, if you know him well enough) – why don’t you ever get yourself a facelift ? Answer, most likely is: “I don’t need one, I am a man”. This may explain why most television commercials single out women as having big bellies and – Oh, those poor creatures – needing all sorts of dangerous para-medications from which they can develop anything and everything under the sun, even death. There are thousands of those stereotype commercials intended to single out women and to humiliate women. He, look at the commercials for exercise machines. Good looking male bodies. Look at the embarrassing ones (ailments from which both women and men suffer), you will only see women exposed and needing this or that obscure and questionable witchcraft medication. [And of course these are all ‘clinically proven’ whatever that means.]


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