Cycling – the royal way

Another one down. Just yesterday one cyclist got killed while cycling along one of the major highways [ ]
Best always, not to ride a bike along that highway – because of the tremendous vehicle noise which is distracting and also the chance to get into a major collision should several vehicles collide on that highway, the major route (from and to the BC Ferry Terminals) on Vancouver Island. Also there are alternate cycling roads parallel to that busy highway, and meant for bicycles. That is neither here nor there.
Coincidentally, just last weekend – while the Royals were visiting Victoria – I myself encountered just such a cyclist being on the wrong side of the road. While riding up to the Greek Fest 2014 [ ] with my bicycle on a major shared road where cycling paths are painted in the road itself. Shared roads are always dangerous. I was on the right side (which is not left, like in England). Another cyclist came at me on the wrong side of the road, stopping in front of me, and then started shouting obscenities at me about my driving, while he was obviously wrong. So, my thinking was, either he was here from England also, where they drive on the left side, or he was a mental case. Either way, always be aware and careful and anticipate such incidents.


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