Football or Soccer

once and for all, what came first ?  Football League came alive in England in around 1863 or 1888 or thereabouts [ ]. Whereas it seems like this American Football version came into play and being played later [ ].  The name soccer however also dates back very early in conjunction with the English names for that game [ ]
To continue – why do teams outside North America (Europe, Central and South America, Africa) playing football (with their feet) also call it FOOTBALL  (or futbol) ?  [ ]
And the media announcers and all broadcasters during major championships (especially the FIFA world cup) always refer to the games and matches played as ‘football’ ? While that same game is now also played and becoming more popular in North America and referred to as ‘soccer’ ?
How popular is soccer in North America ? the answer is, look at the fans, look how empty the stadiums are, how many empty seats there are, observe the quality and technical finesse of the teams. No comparison with European Football,  or Football played in South America with passion, where all seats are occupied and the fans are fanatic. How about that ?
Personally I grew up with football, we all played. We all watched the games. Never even heard of anything like NFL or American Football. Don’t even care about it. It is no game, it is “Mord und Totschlag”. Thanks, but no thanks.

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