PTSD – veteran or victim of war

Post traumatic stress disorder (or syndrome)(PTSD) as it relates to war experiences.[ ]
How is it that it is mostly those who were the perpetrators of war crimes (such as killing and fire bombing civilians, mostly children) that reap the rewards after a war ? And thereby also claiming to suffer from PTSD, referred to as ‘combat fatigue’ (in other words ‘cowardice during bombing attacks’) ? Are we talking about combat professionals, soldiers, who are carrying arms, can shoot, can kill, can defend themselves ? Or worse, Air Force professionals who control the killing from the air ? Are those the ones who suffer from PTSD ? Are those the ones who year after year get more brass medals pinned on their chests and are marching in their annual parades, proudly displaying their war memorabilia and their status as veterans ? Or, should it not be the victims of war, who were very young children, who suffer the most now ?
Child victims are suffering, no matter which side of the conflict they are on.
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It is now recognized the world over that the syndrome of PTSD is a serious affliction, but should only be taken seriously as it relates to the actual “victims of war”. The children (let’s assume way back WWII), who now are also senior citizens. But suffer nonetheless at an increasing rate of this syndrome called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, resulting from their experiences during that war, and from relentless subsequent persecution. [ ]
And were it not for the fact that the memories of this war are being kept alive by those who fire bombed civilians in Europe, I am sure that all of those formerly small child victims would certainly suffer less now. [  ]

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