Scotland Referendum 2014

Scotland is a sovereign country. This referendum is not about freeing Scotland, but to break away from the United Kingdom – which incidentally is headed by a Queen, tsk, tsk – [ ], politically and economically in order to control their own country their way.
All of those entities such as the Commonwealth, United Kingdom, Great Britain, were simply intended to expand the sovereign space of England, a small country on an Island in the Atlantic, in other words to afford them to eventually control the entire World.
Would be nice to see that finally all countries with a different people and different culture become sovereign States.
The comparison between this 2014 Scotland Independence Referendum and the one held in 1980 and second one 1995 for Quebec, Canada, is different in the sense that Quebec has always been a Province within Canada, which in itself is still a British Colony in many respects. But not headed by a King, but a Queen. So, why not call it United Queendom ? Let’s face it, not many people nowadays know which King we are talking about.

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