Health Care Serial Killers

Good one ! I love this new concept, because as old as this particular serial killer medical profession is, it has finally come to the forefront and accepted as “that is what we can expect for our health care dollars”.

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Wake up and smell the roses when it comes to “can you trust any health care professional , really ?”

Think about it. Nobody can force you to allow some health care person (can be a doctor, can be a NP – Nurse Practitioner, can be a nurse) to touch you, either with a syringe, any other instrument, trying to administer medication to you, or simply to “examine” you – male person to female patient for no reason whatsoever. (Reminds me of two doctors who in the very distant past raped me.)

And this is precisely the reason that these medical or health care professionals can never be held responsible for any deaths nor brought to justice.

Example: nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer killed so many seniors using lethal injections. Could have gone on for ever and ever. Why ? Because trusting seniors “trusted her.”

I personally over time learned to trust most medical professionals only from “twelve to noon” (as the saying goes).

Unless I find a doctor who I can trust or some other para-medical.

I trust myself, I have healed myself many times, I do not take medication I do not need, I know my own body better than anybody.

Once in a while I like to get a simple blood test to see if anything is miss or out of range. Even that has become difficult, because the health care insurance only pays for anything that is necessary, meaning after a disease has manifested itself. Too late !

Definitely, keep away from people with syringes.


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