Impossible ? yes, and no. Improbable ? maybe not. Reality ? seems that way. Effective ? no.

With the numbers of doctors leaving the province of British Columbia, and the latest news about clinics closing, in addition to the longstanding problems this province’s health care system had faced, it is no surprise that patients have to resort to doing their own procedures including surgeries.

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Well-known and published extensively since many years is the lack of an effective health care system including doctors’ shortages. {Maybe caused by too much Government interference.}

Having arrived in BC in the year 2002, coming from Alberta, where I resided for almost 30 years and always had a family doctor: Before leaving the province of Alberta I had been told to get all my procedures and testing including minor surgeries done, before leaving that province. Because in British Columbia there blows a different wind. Do it yourself.

Coming back to virtual surgeries. At present I still need to figure out how to do surgery on an injured finger, injured two years ago and still no pain killer in sight. {Prescribed pain killers, Acetaminophen codeine, did nothing to relieve the pain.} It would be easy if someone could inject at least a corticosteroid injection into the swollen inflamed finger, where I had cut a nerve and living in constant pain for those two years, not being able to fully use my left hand anymore.

However, after two ultrasounds (resulting in :”nothing found”, although it obviously showed on the images, and some X rays – ridiculous – and seeing a ‘finger surgeon’, who only maybe performs surgery when a finger is the size of a melon – the seriously inflamed and swollen and painful finger has as of yet not been treated. Taking into account the current virus pandemic when we wash our hands twenty times in one hour, it had also been suggested to use a topical. (Are you kidding ?)

Can VIRTUAL SURGERY tell me how to do my own surgery and amputate my own finger ? For that surgery I need two hands, equipment and anesthetic.


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